Anthology: Book One
Vettius Valens of Antioch (120-175 C.E.)

Have you ever wished you could go back to ancient times? Vettius Valens lived over 2000 years ago, and wrote extensively on the art of reading astrological charts. Not only could Valens actually see the night sky, he also busied himself reading the texts of the ancients before his time. Throughout his nine book Anthology, Valens passes on many concepts he has synthesized from his studies, including a variety of examples from his collection. This book is highly unique to read, as it is translated from ancient Greek into modern English so the reader can literally fall into the mind of an ancient astrologer.

Topics included in Anthology: Book One:

The Nature of the Wandering Stars
The Nature of the Twelve Constellations
The Star Boundaries within Each Constellation
The Hour of Birth
The Midheaven
The Ascensional Times of the Twelve Constellations
Calculating Newmoons and Fullmoons by Hand
The Masculine and Feminine Degrees
Calculating the Nodes by Hand
The Twining of the Qualities of the Planets
The Conception Chart

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An Introduction to the Tetrabiblos
Porphyry of Tyre (234-305 C.E.)

Originally written in ancient Greek by the philosopher Porphyry of Tyre, this textbook sets out the basics of ancient astrological theory. It is a perfect introduction into traditional astrology, as it is simple, elegant, and technical. Topics include:

Ancient Beam Theory
Apogee and Perigee
Nocturnal and Diurnal Planets
Sign Rulerships
The Casting of Planetary Rays
The Body Parts associated with the Twelve Signs
The Productive Places
Masculine and Feminine Signs
Ascensional Times of the Signs
The Colors of the Planets
Fixed Stars

Pages: 72
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A Wonderbook of True Astrological Case Files

In this magical book of astral tales, Judith Hill and Andrea Gehrz team up to bring astrology to the world! Each story is a simple yet eloquent example of the wonderful light science that is astrology. The Wonderbook contains over 50 stories of animals with birth times, medical anomalies, jolly bus drivers, love contracts, tiny nooks, and much much more!

Example story titles include:

The Skeptic
The Ossified Man
Astro Twins
Sky Rocks
Stellar Rescue
The Strange Request
The Cosmic Microscope
Manifest Destiny
And More!

Pages: 210
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Astrological Remediation:
A Guide for the Modern Practitioner

This book is invaluable for any practicing astrologer. Having been written for the professional working astrologer, this textbook teaches the art of healing challenges in the chart. Whether our clients are approaching a hard transit or examining a natal struggle, this book can help. Topics include: the link between astrology and medicine, the art of astrological diagnosis, isolating planets that need remediation, working with children, the tenets of astral mechanics as written by Judith Hill, and much much more.

Remedial methods include:

Strategic Planning
Symbolic Substitution
Vibrational Merging
Optimizing the Physical Constitution
Astrally-Timed Information

Pages: 330
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"Gehrz breathes delicate new life into this ancient text, unfolding the threads of Porphyry's thoughts anew. Fundamental questions for astrology--When does the soul move into the body? Where does the soul come from? -- are considered methodically from myriad angles and potentials. This text is an enlivening read for anyone exploring the roots of astrology from historical, philosophical, and ontological perspectives."
--Jenn Zahrt, PhD

Pages: 108
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