Our Mission

The Moira Press is committed to advancing the field of Astrology through the creation of exceptional textbooks. By resurrecting ancient Greek texts, conducting modern research, and catering to a current audience - we strive to advance Astrology in a respectable, scholarly fashion. At the Moira Press, we believe in using Astrology to create a more fulfilling life for individual beings. We also work daily to inspire a collective sympathy between all humans and the cosmos.

Andrea L. Gehrz

Andrea Gehrz is an astrological author and teacher in Portland, Oregon. She delights in working with varying levels of astrological student through private consultations, master classes, group workshops, lectures, and more. Whatever the situation, Andrea seeks to help individuals and groups understand underlying patterns and dynamics as they are represented in the astrological chart so that this information can be used to create a better life.
Andrea regularly uses the non-judgemental tool of astrology to help individuals thrive, small business owners learn how to work happily, couples optimize their relationships, parents understand their children, and the list goes on. Whether you are new to astrology or have been engaging the craft for many years, Andrea looks forward to seeing you at master class, during a private consultation, or out in the community.

Areas of Expertise in the field of Astrology

Andrea L. Gehrz


Astrological Remediation: The art of handling and harnessing planetary vibrations

Andrea works with astrological tools for a variety of useful purposes. She works with clients to maximize the potential of any time period--physically, emotionally, mentally, and in spirit. Andrea uses tactics such as strategic planning, vibrational channeling, and astral merging in order to work with challenging energies found in any chart. Remedial Measures can be used for individuals, children, couples, families, and more.

Andrea has compiled her research in a textbook entitled Astrological Remediation: A Guide for the Modern Practitioner.

Ancient Greek Translation: Rendering the texts of the ancients into modern English

Andrea has built upon years of experience in the field of Sign Language interpreting in order to render the ancient Greek astrological texts into readable English. Her translation of the Introduction to the Tetrabiblos by Porphyry of Tyre won an Independent Book Publishing Award (IPPY) in the 2011 Philosophy & Classics division. She has also completed an eloquent rendering of Anthology: Book One by the ancient author Vettius Valens.  

Andrea continues to read ancient texts, and is currently studying another book written by Porphyry on the topic of Ensoulment. She hopes to soon render this text so that it can be read by those in the astrological community.  



University of Minnesota
Bachelor of Individualized Studies--Cultural Studies, Family Studies, & Identity Politics

While at the University of Minnesota, Andrea designed her own major, graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Individualized Studies. In the process of building her own major, Andrea was able to take classes in a variety of fields, ranging from women's studies to philosophy to cultural studies, and the list goes on. This breadth of knowledge has been invaluable as Andrea interacts with clients of various cultures, family structures, lifestyles, beliefs, etc. in her teaching and consulting work.

St. Paul Technical College
Associate of Arts -- American Sign Language Interpreting

After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Andrea went on to obtain a degree in Sign Language Interpreting. To this day, Andrea loves her work as a Sign Language interpreter, as well as the camaraderie and wisdom of colleagues in her field. Andrea regularly calls upon fellow interpreters to help make hard decisions about ancient Greek translations. Moreover, Andrea uses her formal education in American Sign Language to work with clients and teach Astrology to those who use ASL as their first language.  

Kepler College for Astrological Arts and Sciences
History of Astrology, Astrological Technique

After working as a Sign Language interpreter for a number of years, Andrea's passion for Astrology led her to Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences. It was at Kepler that she was introduced to the ancient Greek astrological texts, and began her journey to translate the works of the ancients. During her time at Kepler College, Andrea met some of her greatest astrological colleagues, as the school attracted students from all over the world. Andrea cherishes her time at Kepler College, and uses what she learned there in her practice each and every day.

Portland State University
Ancient Greek and Latin

After learning about the history of Astrology at Kepler College, Andrea went on to Portland State University with the specific goal of learning Ancient Greek and Latin. Andrea aimed to apply her years of interpreting experience towards translating the ancient Greek texts in the field of Astrology. She spent two years at Portland State University, studying hard towards her goal. After finishing two years of deep study in the ancient languages, Andrea set out to translate her first text, An Introduction to the Tetrabiblos by Porphpyry of Tyre.  

Moira Press Staff

Scott Gerke

Photography, Artistic Direction

Leo | Virgo | Sagittarius:
Fiery and adventurous expressions of artistic particularism.

Moira Press Tasks: Taking photographs, lighting film and video, artistic direction.

Bio: Scott Gerke is a long time professional photographer, with a current focus on architectural portraiture. Scott serves a number of architects, builders, and realtors in the Portland area. Check out his extensive portfolio at www.scottgerke.com.

Ash Brooks

Chief Editor

Virgo | Sagittarius | Sagittarius:
Enthusiasm for adventure, truth, and details.

Moira Press Tasks: Chief editor, conceptual and technical.

Bio: As a lifelong musician and activist, Ash Brooks (aka Juno Inferna) currently focuses her creative talents into her metal band, Labryse. Ash can also be found hanging with her teenage son, taking photographs, reading the Ephemeris, and working door at shows around town. See

Ash in action at: www.labryse.com

Soonie Landschoot

Chief Designer

Capricorn | Sagittarius | Leo:
Fired up and proud about maintaining a respectable image.

Moira Press Tasks: Chief designer--book covers, ads, etc.

Bio: Soonie Landschoot works as a professional designer. She can also be found making jokes, telling stories, and causing trouble around town with her two young children.

Eztrella Armijo

Multimedia Specialist

Capricorn | Gemini | Scorpio:
Intense respect for mysterious communication.

Moira Press Tasks: Multimedia specialist, EBooks, website design, videos.

Bio: Eztrella Armijo is an astrologer, multimedia storyteller, artist, designer and musician. 

More at www.eztrella.com

Brandi Leve

Producer, Fundraiser, Editor, Project Valens, Special Ops

Scorpio | Scorpio | Pisces:
Divine protector for occult truths.

Bio: An emerging traditional astrologer, Brandi Leve currently focuses her creative talents into drawing charts, consulting with people, studying the life and works of Vettius Valens, DJing (aka PNTHRON), and working at the Moira Press. Brandi works hard for the astro-tribe, both through her research at Portland School of Astrology, but also through her role on the board of the Oregon Astrological Association. When not working, Brandi can be found playing guitar, drawing fancy charts, making movies, and producing shows around town. 

See Brandi's work at ProjectValens.